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How to turn grieving over the loss of your dog into a lasting remembrance and memorial that will continue to bring joy to your life

I originally wrote and illustrated a coffee table size hardcover book about our 14 year old yellow lab, Nala, as a way for us to grieve over her loss and to remember all of the wonderful moments that we shared together. If you have recently lost a treasured dog in your own life, or are contemplating the day that moment will arrive, I can assure you that this type of grief is different than anything that you may have ever experienced before and you need to find ways to deal with the loss of your best friend. Friends, family, online support groups, and even talking to our dog, Nala, as though she was still here were certainly very helpful coping mechanisms; however, I found that my most rewarding way of coping with my loss was to write a very simple book with lots of photos about our dog's life told in her own words. At the risk of sounding overly gushy, what I really ended up with was a beautiful love letter from our dog to my wife and myself that we could treasure until we’d meet once again at the rainbow bridge.

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After my first-hand experience with fatigue and depression while grieving the loss of our dog Nala, and then finding the joy of writing her life story told in her own words, I realized how important it could be to other dog owners to find a positive outlet to cope with their loss and to express their own grief as well. So I have reconstructed my original 111 page hard cover book about our dog's life into PDF format and then added a short addendum at the end which will give you invaluable information and time saving tips on how to easily create your own book celebrating your dog's life. Additional sample pages from my book can be found on our Pinterest site at

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If you are grieving the devastating loss of your dog, you aren't alone, and you will find joy in both writing and then reading the story of your dog's life told from your dog's own perspective over and over again. It will be as though your best friend is back at your side talking to you and reminding you of all of the wonderful time that you shared together.

Although I can easily speak from my heart, I’m not a writer and the initial thought of tackling a project like this immediately put all sorts of roadblocks and barriers in my mind. It was as though I had writer's block before I even got started. But then I took the time to break down my writing project into a number of very simple steps which weren't overwhelming, and which would be very easy to accomplish. Once I realized that I wasn't trying to write a lengthy novel or win a Pulitzer Prize, everything quickly fell into place for me. As I started writing about our dog's life from her perspective using very simple sentences, short paragraphs, and a lot of photos, I found it easier and easier with each passing thought I had. I accomplished one simple step at a time and before long I had a lasting remembrance of our loving dog Nala, and my wife and I were enjoying her life all over again.

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Learn The Very Easy Steps To Write Your Dog's Own Life Story With Easy Instructions

So not only can you enjoy reading the story about our Nala's life, but you can also use parts of it as a road map in writing your own book about your own best friend's life and the wonderful time you had together. In the short addendum which I have added to the end of the book, I include complete instructions along with all of the simple steps that I went through to make self-publishing the story of your dog's life a very easy and rewarding event in your life. I also include the names of several companies (including the company I used) that you can use to publish either a single or multiple copies of your own book easily and at a very affordable cost. I also include a very valuable tip about how I used stackable coupons to lower my cost to less than half of what the normal price would have been. My final cost for our 11 by 14 inch hardcover book was far less than what we normally spent on dog food, toys, medicine, and medical visits in a typical average month.

As a pet owner yourself, I don't need to tell you that your dog enjoyed your company and the love you shared the most when you were happy and had a smile on your face. I personally believe that human-pet connection never really ends. Since grief has no time limit, I sincerely hope that purchasing my book along with its valuable addendum will give you inspiration, and help you find the loving comfort and support that you already know your dog would want you to have.

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About The Author

In addition to being an owner of three dogs during his adult life, Larry Spiegel owns and personally operates a small printing company, Ancestry Graphics and Printing, which specializes in both designing and printing very large family tree charts on continuous roll paper for family reunions, genealogy buffs, and family historians. Larry and his wife Cheryl are avid genealogists themselves, parents of 4 sons and 4 grandchildren, and in their spare time are also dedicated LEGO® enthusiasts who enjoy building extremely large scale fully LED lit LEGO® towns. You can see their enormous creations on YouTube and learn more about their LEGO® endeavors on their web site at

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Our PDF book which I have retitled to "Dealing With Grief Over the Loss of Your Dog" has been reduced by half of its original coffee table print size of 11 by 14 inches to 5 and 1/2 inches by 7 inches so that it is already perfectly formatted and optimized for easy viewing on a tablet in landscape orientation. I personally recommend version 8 or later of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for the best viewing results.

You can purchase your PDF copy of my book for $4.95 which includes the instructional addendum for creating a book of your own using the button below. Both your payment and the immediate PDF digital download of your book will be processed through the shopping cart on my web site, so don't worry when you see my company name on the payment page. As soon as you see your payment processed, you will immediately see the link to download your PDF version of my book.

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Thank you for ordering! I sincerely hope that you will thoroughly enjoy my book about the life of our dog Nala, and will find all of the tips in the short addendum at the end of the book extremely helpful and inspirational in writing a wonderful book about the story of your own dog's life.

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